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  Terms of Service

Terms of Service

If you sign up for our program and become a member, you must agree to the terms of services below. These terms are subject to change. If you do not agree to these terms, or violate these terms after you sign up, your service will be terminated and will not be able to re-establish the service.

Our "Members" are companies, businesses, organizations, professionals, and frelancers that sign up for our program. These terms also apply to the employees, board members, managers, contractors, and representatives of our Members.

  Small Biz Directories agree to the following terms:

  1. We will follow the organizational policies found on the policies page on this website.
  2. We will provide a platform for members to list their businesses, products, and services in multiple exclusive business directories.
  3. We will maintain these business directories and keep them in operation during the time of the service is provided. If any of the business directories become inoperable, we will work to get them back online as soon as possible.
  4. We will continue to add more business directories to our network at no additional cost to our members.
  5. The member's rate upon joining will be locked in and never go up.

  Members must agree to the following terms:

  1. Small Biz Directories is reserved for small businesses. Members must agree and certify that they are a small business.
  2. Members must agree to the organizational policies found on the policies page on this website.
  3. Members must meet all federal, state, and local laws and regulations regarding their business.
  4. Members must hold all required licenses and certifications required by any government entity that has jurisdiction over the company.
  5. Members must conduct their business in the highest professional and ethical manner.
  6. Members must not post any information that is not accurate, untruthful, or deceptive in their business listing in the business directories network.
  7. Members must not have any open or active complaints on file with Small Biz Directories, the Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, or any other organization.
  8. Members agree to indemnify and hold harmless Small Biz Directories and PROptions from liability of any kind, for any claims arising out of any products and services provided by Small Biz Directories, for any dissatisfaction arising from the products and services provided by Small Biz Directories, and for any claims arising out of the products or services provided by the Member. Members agree that Small Biz Directories and PROptions will not assume any responsibility for the business, products, and services listed by the Member.

  Prohibited Business Types, Products, and Services

The list below contains the types of businesses, products, and services that are not accepted in our program. Any company that falls into any of these categories or offers these products and services will not be accepted into the program, even if these products or services are legal in your state.

Note: This list is subject to change.